People Scope


“Helping professionals be more successful: sell, develop clients, and run the business”

That’s what we do. Why?

Because life in professional services gets ever tougher and more challenging.

To help you deal with it, we provide training, coaching and consulting services in Business Development, Marketing, HR, Business Change and Management/Leadership.

They deliver tangible results.

Want to know more? Read on.

What our clients say

“Definitely helped me to behave more effectively and confidently in applying management techniques to clients, and indeed to other lawyers”
— Coaching
“Very helpful, professional and has really benefitted and given me confidence in being able to speak to an audience”
— Training
“Gives a sensible view on a whole range of matters – not just BD-related”
— Coaching
“Always very professional and challenging to ensure that our agreed objectives were realistic and achievable”
— Consulting
“Our team found working with your team a very enjoyable and collaborative experience”
— Training
Achievements have resulted in identifiable performance improvements and significant client/revenue acquisition directly attributable to their influence”
— Coaching